Purposeful Wisdom – can it help you improve your life?

lotus_croppedMany times in life we wish we had known earlier what we learn later from our experiences. Purposeful Wisdom is all about learning from the experiences of others and applying their wisdom in your own life. This does not mean that you automatically learn by reading, but you may learn through projecting the philosophy into your own life.

The book, Purposeful Wisdom, provides droplets of wisdom that will help you improve the flow of your life and find the way to the ocean where you may drink to your heart’s content, satisfying your spirit and experiencing the resonance you truly desire.

Read these wisdom tips and share your thoughts and experiences on this blog.

podcast_logoWhat can this book tell you about purposeful living?

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Managing Projects with Purposeful Action

Premise of this Post: “Managing Projects is a special case of Managing Action.”

Take the example of a construction project, and discuss how purposeful action can be applied to manage it effectively.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

All projects and companies are built upon a collection of actions by one or more individuals and are dependent on other individuals as well as “geo-environmental” influences. Therefore, Project Management can be viewed as a special case of Purposeful Action. The First Principle of Purposeful Action covers all the steps required to conceive, design, implement, evaluate, renew and complete any project successfully. To achieve success and well as fulfillment of the purpose of the project, the remaining three principles of Purposeful Action (www.purposefulaction.com) also must be applied to all aspects of the project.

In this “Managing Projects” category of the Purposeful Action Blog we will discuss and explore how Purposeful Action assures successful project management.