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Following the publication of The Purpose and Meaning of Life in 2001, Prem Chopra formed the non-profit Brook of Life Project to spread the Principles of Purposeful Action. The Project provides practical wisdom and guidance to those who wish to improve the quality of their lives and careers. Prem Chopra developed the Principles of Purposeful Action from his real-world experience and decades-long research and teaching. The Principles provide the foundation for his lectures, teachings and books on purposeful living, leadership and ethics.

Prem Chopra Purposeful Action flow-life-flow-of-action-pcpaWhat is the Brook of Life?

The Brook is a metaphor for life that provides a simple way to illustrate the Principles of Purposeful Action.

The journey of life offers many paths. You can choose wisely only if you know where you are headed. And, you create your flow by the way your row. The Brook shows you how to let stress go and go with the flow – read on!

Meet Prem Chopra

Prem Chopra Purposeful Action prem_garden1Professor Prem Chopra is an author, international speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, CEO and mentor. His life-long passion has been to integrate ancient wisdom with modern life and management practices. He has channeled this passion into the Brook of Life Project, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their highest potential.

Dr. Chopra taught Leadership, Ethics and Entrepreneurship at the University of Tennessee for more than two decades. As a spin-off from his research at the University, he founded Integrated Voice Solutions, a multi-national healthcare technology company. Prior to this, Prem held engineering, management, and leadership roles at the Boeing Corporation and the University of Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory. During this period, he lectured worldwide and held chairmanships of prestigious national and international organizations.

Professor Chopra has received worldwide recognition and numerous global awards as a researcher and teacher. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, having launched and sold two high tech companies. Earlier in his career, he consulted for corporations, government agencies and venture capital firms. Today, as part of his work with the Brook of Life Project, Prem Chopra delivers keynote lectures and seminars around the world on personal and organizational development, leadership and ethics.

Prem is a student and follower of the Sikh faith, started by Guru Nanak five centuries ago. Sikhism integrates Vedic, Buddhist and Sufi precepts into the common belief in One Supreme Creative Force.  His interests include meditation, writing, tai-chi, travel, photography and gardening. Prem has designed many featured beautiful gardens.

Dr. Chopra received a Bachelors degree in engineering from the University of Calcutta, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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A Blissful Turn …

“Since childhood, I was drawn towards ancient wisdom and the teachings of the sages. As I matured, I struggled to understand and reconcile these teachings with the realities of the world. It seemed as if  there was something indefinable and undiscovered within me that was separate and perhaps in conflict with the world around me. However, in the pursuit of worldly accomplishments and achievement, I buried this struggle somewhere deep inside my mind.

Then, one evening in May of 1984, I was on a crucial business trip to Singapore. As I attempted to shed the stress of the day’s negotiations, I drifted into a peaceful trance. I found myself stress-free and relaxed like never before. At that moment, it seemed as if my life had taken me into a blissful garden of beauty and love. I wondered, how long this would last? I did not known then that I had inadvertently entered a meditative state of bliss. Since then I have wondered, was this my moment of enlightenment? From that day on, I have continued to meditate in search of that enchanted garden” Prem Chopra.

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