Purposeful Action

What is Purposeful Action?

Purposeful action can be defined as a series of events or steps motivated by commitment to a mission. In order to be purposeful, the mission for the action must be derived from inner conviction, and the action must benefit others beyond self.

Nothing occurs by accident. Everything has a purpose. Once you understand the anatomy of action, what motivates actions in your life, your organization and in other individuals and organizations, you will be better equipped to relate to others. This will help you navigate effectively through your career and life.

Read about the Four Principles of Purposeful Action in Prem Chopra’s latest book, “Masters of the Game: Reaching beyond the Nexus to Success and Happiness.”
The mission of an action is aimed at achieving the purpose of the action.
Action brings changes. Purposeful action is more specific — a series of events that are driven by a commitment to a mission born from a vision derived from inner-conviction.
Purposeful actions aim to serve the purpose of others beyond just personal ends. This leads to success as well as fulfillment.
The purpose for an action, or for the entire organization for that matter, is determined by the leader or leaders of the organization. All individuals within the organization must believe in the mission and the “buy in” must come from within, as opposed to coming from outside influences.
Purposeful action is based upon belief and faith in the purpose of the action, and leads to unswerving commitment to the action. Commitment to an action, in and of itself, engenders conviction, and increases the probability of success and fulfillment.