Purposeful Wisdom – can it help you improve your life?

lotus_croppedMany times in life we wish we had known earlier what we learn later from our experiences. Purposeful Wisdom is all about learning from the experiences of others and applying their wisdom in your own life. This does not mean that you automatically learn by reading, but you may learn through projecting the philosophy into your own life.

The book, Purposeful Wisdom, provides droplets of wisdom that will help you improve the flow of your life and find the way to the ocean where you may drink to your heart’s content, satisfying your spirit and experiencing the resonance you truly desire.

Read these wisdom tips and share your thoughts and experiences on this blog.

podcast_logoWhat can this book tell you about purposeful living?

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Video Post on Managing Desires

Dear Friends:

This post is a test, as we construct our new Video Channel on Purposeful Action. Real video posts will be in the form of questions, similar to our written blog posts. For example, the video segment embedded below provides the basis for creating several individual discussion videos, opening the way for comments by viewers, either in written or video form. It will take effort and time to create a steady flow for video blogging, as most worthwhile enterprises do…. and, we will get it done. Thanks for your participation and help with this new initiative.


We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions on improving lives and careers – particularly if they help others. Step into the channel and join the flow!

For more information, please visit the announcement “Video Channel on Purposeful Action – For Practical Self-help Tips” using the link on your right or above the banner.

Chopra talks on leadership and ethics to Engineers Club

img_0140Here are video clips from a talk on Technology Leadership and Ethics by Prem Chopra at the Chattanooga Engineers Club on Monday, February 9, 2009.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5

Comments are welcome…

P.S. Venkat, who recorded and edited this talk, is exploring ways to improve the exposure (the lights we dimmed to highlight the slides).