Achieve Success

How to Achieve Success

Here you will find practical information that you can apply today to become more successful at what you choose to do or become, using purposeful action.

Most people define success in terms of money and status. But what is real success? Can success truly be measured by material possessions, status or power? No, because the yardstick used to measure these self-serving items tends to change. Nevertheless, one must satisfy reasonable needs for material and social well-being in order to feel freed to progress to the higher levels of desires–to serve others and to achieve freedom from all desires.

Success is attaining what you desire and wanting what you have attained. Such success results in fulfillment. To have success, you must first know who you are from within. That is why the first step of purposeful action is introspection. Once you know what you really, truly want, you should perform a reality check and reconcile your vision with your current state. This will help you define a mission for your action. Make an unwavering commitment to your mission and proceed with your action purposefully, following the remaining nine steps of purposeful action.

This is the way you can use purposeful action to achieve true success, which also will lead to fulfillment.

In the pages of this section you will learn first how you can attain financial independence and then how you can achieve success as leader, manager or entrepreneur. During the course of your life, your actions will represent an ever-changing blend of these three and other archetypes, depending upon the situation. The accomplished navigator of the brook can assume the archetype of choice as the journey demands, and navigate to success and fulfillment. The BrookMaster Leadership Assessment and Coaching Tool will help you achieve objectives.

Welcome to a life of success and fulfillment in the Brook!