Purposeful Leadership

Purposeful Leadership is the act of transforming dreams to reality in a way that helps others.

In these pages and other parts of this site you will find information and tools to help you become a more effective and purposeful leader. You will learn how to use purposeful action to improve your leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills, and relate effectively with others. Before you can get a handle on leadership, you need to understand action, since leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and other “ships” are just special cases of action. Similarly, purposeful leadership is a special form of purposeful action.

We start with defining both purposeful leadership and purposeful action and then present the Four Principles of Purposeful Action. This is followed by a detailed outline of the Framework for Purposeful Action.

To help you understand and apply purposeful action in your professional as well as your personal life, we have included:

Archetypes of the Brook, that represent the types of individuals and organizations we must relate to and interact with. This concept is supplemented by the BrookMaster Self-Assessment and Leadership Coaching Tool.

Leadership Lessons that you can readily grasp and apply to your life immediately. We add new lessons periodically.

Brief knowledge-building articles and skill-building notes on topics such as the power of vision, building wealth, and how to achieve success as a leader, entrepreneur, or manager. We add new topics periodically.

Learn how you can apply purposeful action to become a purposeful leader from Prem Chopra’s latest book, Masters of the Game: Beyond the Nexus to Success and Happiness.