Happiness in Three Steps

How can I Find Happiness?

Here we present to you a simple way to find happiness, using the brook as a metaphor for life, and the journey as the life we each lead as individuals. Our journey down the brook is as full and rich as we make it. The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler reveals the seven secrets for happiness through a happy and inspiring journey of a young girl named Ann.

Aristotle has provided one of the clearest explanations of happiness as the ultimate good that humans seek. It is not surprising that happiness depends on good and ethical thought.

As you read the insightful little book, The Voice, The Mind and the Traveler, it may be helpful to think of it as an opportunity to reflect on the revealed story. It is a simple story, a modern story, and the undiscerning reader may glance over it quickly, missing all the beauty and wisdom it has to offer.

Like the best moments in life that are fleeting, this book deserves much reflection and contemplation to gather the most from it.

In these pages you will find the gist of the seven secrets accompanied by seven simple actions designed to lead to happiness. These actions are meant to supplement your own journey in the brook. After reading The Voice, The Mind and the Traveler, you will have the knowledge to make a change in your life, and this web site and book will serve as a guide to help you.

Welcome to a life of happiness in the brook!