Grabbing More to Leave More Behind

brook-of-life1If you do not possess enough material resources to live a comfortable life, then skip the rest of this post and work on getting that – because, “with no food in the stomach, all thought is for naught.”

To those who have more than they need to live in comfort, this post asks, why do you keep grabbing for more in order to leave more behind?  Why do so many keep setting bigger and bigger goals, to satisfy ever-expanding appetites for wealth and power, running faster and faster on the treadmill of desires Рdriven by negative core values?

Consider this metaphor: Your Life is a journey in the brook, leading to eternal happiness and bliss in the Universal Ocean. Let us assume you wish to travel swiftly and surely to attain Nirvana, or Freedom, which is the highest of the four levels of desire. If you achieve Nirvana while you live, like The Buddha, you will have neither desire nor need for anything material. If, on the other hand, you die withough having ascended to Nirvana, you and all your possessions will be separated.

The question then is: If your purpose in life is to achieve happiness, fulfillment and freeedom – which are all spirtual in nature – why would you continue to grab for material objects which will hinder your journey as long as you live, and which you will leave behind through death or Nirvana?

What do you wonder when you learn of the games of greed and grabbing, often illegally but always unethically, particularly by the powerful and influential in finiancal and political arenas? Is this a recent phenomenon, or is it fundamental to (most) human nature?

Wherein lies the solution?

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