Successful Leaders

How to Become a Successful Leader?

The purpose of a leader is to realize a dream. Leaders are more than visionaries; they are doers as well. They possess the will and courage to pursue the dream, to act. They make dreams a reality. To have followers, they must communicate well and be willing to share the fruits.

In sum, a leader is a dreamer, a doer and a great storyteller. The leader serves and shares with those that follow. The Leader envisions the desired state, forms it into a clear vision and finds a way to achieve it.

The three steps to leadership success:

1. Learn and understand the four pillars of purposeful leadership, in particular the twelve steps of purposeful action.

2. Understand the characteristics of the leadership archetype and the steps of action most important for leaders.

3. Test and improve your leadershipskills by playing the BrookMaster.