What is Purposeful Living?

What is Purposeful Living? How do I Find Meaning and Purpose in My Life?

What is Purposeful living? What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of success and fulfillment? What do I really want?


Such questions, perplexing to most, have been asked and answered over the ages – and there are no shortcuts to discovering the true purpose and meaning of your life. In so far as life is the flow of actions, purposeful living boils down to purposeful action. How can you live a purposeful life without acting purposefully? In other words, how can there be purposeful living without purposeful action?

For some, the purpose of life is success, or so they believe. But there is more to life. For example, if you are asked, “Why do you want success?” Your answer might be, “Because it makes me happy.” So there you see, you really seek the happiness that you believe success will bring to you. Where should you begin? Start by understanding and then fulfilling your desires.


The novels, The Purpose and Meaning of Life and its sequel, If I had Known, address and answer these important questions through the unique story of personal development of Pete Cameron, a designer of computer software.

Dispersed throughout this site and in the associated purposeful action blog and video channel, you will find many of the lessons that Pete learns on his unique quest for the purpose and meaning of life.Discover, through the life of Pete Cameron, how you can find purpose and meaning in Your Life — and start applying purposeful action to fulfill the purpose of your life.