Takers vs Givers

Takers versus Givers

The higher levels of desires transcend physical needs, promoting detachment and giving.

These desires are associated with truth which results in integrity, love that is commitment, faith that leads to persistence, universality the leads to teamwork, and sharing which is communication. They promote actions of giving.

In anguish, some reach out to strangers for satisfaction they have not sought within–seeking meaning in life from others–from outside-in. They are prone to become Takers or the victims of Takers.

Some Takers attract others by promising them what they desire.

The cause of taking is ignorance. Knowledge is the solution. Curiosity coupled with reasoning, and patience with perseverance, aids in the search of knowledge.

Attachment often is substituted for love and communication. Communication is connection in a way two streams merge into a common flow. Connection gives meaning to communication; which is love.

Greed feeds upon itself and there is no end to the material desires it creates. Attempting to satisfy greed with more of that which is sought is like extinguishing a raging fire with kindling.