Manage Your Desires

Third Principle: Manage Your Desires – Your Actions are Motivated by Your Levels of Desire

Four Levels of Desire influence your thoughts and guide your actions. In the metaphor of the Brook, desires are represented by the currents in the waters and transmitted to your mind through your senses. Your growth towards success and fulfillment is determined by the desires that drive your actions and form your values. The key to leadership success and fulfillment of the leader’s vision is found in the levels of desires that motivate the leader.

The four levels of desire that drive motivation in individuals as well as organizations, are: lust and survival; wealth and reputation; service and obligations; and detachment and freedom.

The first two levels of desire promote taking, leading to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. In corporations, these desires can lead to corruption and failure The second two levels of desire foster giving and pave the way for a healthy corporate environment and success with satisfaction for all stakeholders. Leaders who are driven by the desire of giving are effective Servant Leaders.