Meaning of Life

The Quest for the Meaning of Life

The quest for the meaning of life begins with questioning the meaning of life. To question or search for the meaning of life is, without a doubt, the highest pursuit available to us as spirits on a human journey.

It is futile to pursue some things in life–wisdom teaches what is meaningful and what is illusionary. This truth lies at the root of the journey to knowledge.

The purpose and meaning of life lies in the journey, not the destination. Since we are spirits on a human journey, the purpose of the human journey lies in the search and not in the end. For, there is no end for the spirit. Eternity has no beginning and therefore it has no end.

Currents created by others influence our lives–the key is to circumvent currents that hinder the journey and ride those that carry us towards our purpose. Wisdom teaches how to discriminate between the two.