What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the Purpose of Life?
The purpose of life is to achieve happiness by fulfilling all desires. Happiness comes from giving and helping others.

While this means different things to different individuals, a purposeful life is accompanied by a feeling of oneness with all; love, compassion and beauty. Such purpose is achieved only by satisfying all desires and extinguishing attachment to all objects of desire except for unity with the Supreme Creative Force and the universe.

The four secrets of the brook provide a practical philosophy as well as a way to find happiness through success and fulfillment using purposeful action. Such action is driven by vision derived from introspection

Contemplation, meditation and prayer are forms of introspection, as explained in the book “If I Had Known.” Read in this book how Pete Cameron uses contemplation and meditation to transform his life from stress into success and fulfillment – and happiness!

Throughout this site and the purposeful action blog and video channel you will find ways to apply the four secrets to any action in your life and immediately improve the quality of your life to achieve your highest potential.