Deeper Meaning and Purpose of Life

What is the Deeper Meaning and Purpose of Life? How can I Achieve Success and Fulfillment?

Imagine life as the flow of actions, and you are the navigator in the waters of your brook.

Your boat is your body with which you act. You have a pair of oars which you use for balance. This is your value system of giving and taking. You create the flow of your life by your actions, so your journey and all your future actions are affected by what you do now.

Along the way, you come across other navigators as well as obstructions and distractions that hinder or aid your progress. Givers and takers operate on the opposing shores of the Brook, so you must navigate carefully to avoid getting trapped by the takers, or becoming one yourself.

Once you understand this, you will be able to navigate successfully to fulfillment.

Life is a game. You must know the rules in order to play it. Masters of the Game will show you how to win.

The most compete writings on how you can understand, play and win at the game of life, are contained in Prem Chopra’s latest book: Masters of the Game – Reaching Beyond the Nexus to Success and Happiness.

Welcome to this most important journey!