How to Find Meaning in Life?

How to Find Meaning in Life? What is the Meaning of Life?
Such questions have been asked and answered over the ages. Yet, each person must find the answer for oneself.

Meaning comes from serving and giving to others, and helping them attain their rightful purpose. It also comes from recognizing that we are all one which fosters understanding and compassion, eliminating fear, anger and other negative emotions that create anxiety and stress.

The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler: Revealing the Seven Secrets for Happiness,” shows seven simple ways by which you can find happiness and meaning in your life. You can immediately increase you level of happiness by starting to perform any one or more of seven simple actions described in the book.

Throughout this site and the purposeful action blog and video channelyou will discover the four secrets of the brook. You also will learn how to apply these secrets to any action in your life and immediately improve the quality of your life and career – and achieve your highest potential.