Meditating BuddhaWho is a Giver?

A Giver is one who helps others without any expectation of returns. Givers help other people in the pursuit of their rightful purpose in life – personal as well as professional – material as well as emotional – psychological as well as spiritual. Giving is accompanied by compassion, caring and love.

There is no piety in poverty, nor virtue in wealth.
Compassion and love are not zero sum game.

Why do Givers Give?

Simple, Giving Brings Happiness.
Giving brings peace and serenity.
Giving bring contentment and fulfillment.

So, how do you recognize a Giver?

Givers are peaceful and content individuals, seeking to serve others, looking for ways in which they can help. They help people in the pursuit of their purposeful actions. Givers are trustworthy and dependable, not distracted by their own wants and desires. Most individuals, seek and wish to associate with Givers — even if they themselves are Takers. Givers are happy people.

Most people fluctuate between giving and taking depending on the circumstances. There are few, if any, absolute Givers or Takers. Most individuals demonstrate a range of balance between giving and taking actions over the course of their personal and professional lives. Here is an example. A preacher ‘gave’ an inspiring sermon one morning about being kind and compassionate to all. That afternoon, at a political rally in support of a benefactor, the preacher blasted the benefactor’s opponent in a scathing speech that included obvious false accusations and outright lies. Later, asked by a reporter how he could do that right after that morning’s sermon, the preacher replied, “that was the Lord’s work, this is politics.” Clearly, this preacher was neither trustworthy nor dependable. He was not a Giver.

Another characteristic of Givers is that they do not view giving as a zero sum game. For example, the love or compassion they give does not diminish the love or compassion they possess. In fact, the love and compassion are magnified upon being spread among more persons.

Furthermore, Givers understand that wealth or poverty does not determine the degree to which one can give. There is no piety in poverty, nor is there virtue in wealth.

Givers are willing to receive. Receiving is a form of giving. It enables fulfillment of the Giver’s purpose – the desire to give. In a deeper sense, there is only one Giver, and we are all receivers of the gifts of this Giver. You might call this Giver God, the Supreme Creative Force, the Universe, or Nature.

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Giving and receiving is not the same as giving and taking!

Who are the Givers – in the Brook of Life?

Givers and Takers are the two Grand Archetypes of the Brook. These two Grand Archetypes define the ethical balance of individual as well as organizations.

Every person or archetype can behave or act as either a Giver or a Taker, depending upon the circumstances and the choices they make. These choices are influenced by the motivation for the action (Third Principle) and interrelationships with others (Fourth Principle). The lives of all archetypes are affected by the ethical choices made by these Grand Archetypes.

The Giver Archetype is guided by the five positive core values:

  • integrity – truth trustworthiness
  • commitment – love
  • persistence – faith
  • teamwork – inclusivity
  • communication – sharing

Givers also are driven by the two higher levels of desire:

  • to serve
  • to achieve freedom from all desires

That is how Givers help maintain the flow of the Brook, despite the turbulence created by Takers.

Purposeful actions are actions of giving. They lead to happiness and fulfillment for all who are affected by the action. Purposeful actions in organizations lead to higher morale, improved productivity and sustained success.


You can play this Free BrookMaster App to discover your Giver-Taker balance. It also will show you how to avoid becoming a Taker or a victim of a Taker. You use this BrookMaster to identify Givers and Takers, with five simple multiple-choice questions. You can use this App is to simulate the Giver-Taker ratios of people your know.

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