Fulfill Your Desires

Fulfilling Your Needs and Satisfying Your Desires

You might have heard the verse, “My cup runneth over…”

Ask yourself, “How can my cup run over if it is not full?”

If you could ask this question of Socrates, the Greek sage might reply, “How can you fill your stomach if it is lined by a colander?”

However, it is essential first to fill your stomach before moving on to other needs and desires, as the old Punjabi saying goes, “With no food in the stomach, all thought is for naught.”

So, first one must satisfy basic needs for food, health, shelter, security and general physical and mental well-being, remembering to proceed to the point of filling your need, and not feeding your greed. If one is driven by greed, there is no end to the search for more, and life becomes meaningless and empty of satisfaction.

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