Balance Your Actions With Ethics

Second Principle: Balance Your Actions With Ethics – Your Core Values Determine Your Ethical Balance

Values determine ethical balance. With a foundation built on positive core values, action will be purposeful and the result will be of service to others.

If actions are driven by negative core values, the result will harmful to others and subsequently will be disastrous to the individuals or organizations conducting such unethical actions.

In the metaphor of the Brook, the oars of the navigator represent the two sets of core values which determine ethical balance in all actions.

Five Positive Core Values – The Values of Giving:
Integrity – Truth, trustworthiness and dependability.
Commitment – Dedication, focus, caring, consideration and love.
Persistence – Staying the course, faithfulness and “stick-with-it-ness.”
Teamwork – Universality and commonality of all individuals and organizations.
Communication – Sharing, empathy and being open and forthright.
Five Negative Core Values – The Values of Taking:
Lust – Intense desire for physical or material gratification.
Anger – Rage and uncontrolled urges for revenge and destruction.
Greed – Desire to take all one can, with no satisfaction in sight.
Attachment – Possessiveness and focus on ownership by “me” and “mine.”
Arrogance – Feeling self is the “greatest” and all others must serve ones wants.