Facts on Values

Facts on Values

We have ears only for that which our experience allows us to understand–the key is to grow ears from the experiences of others.

Goals of material possessions and the respect of others are fleeting. External symbols do not define the accomplishments of the self.

It is impossible to deal with an individual or group that does not have a moral and ethical basis for interaction. Without it, one has chaos and destruction.

Dharam, the inner-driven duty to do for others that which will contribute to the purpose of their lives, is the same as doing unto others as thou would have them do unto thee. This is the pavement of the Path of Duty–the Way of the Sikh Karam Yogi.

Ignorance leads to fear, which leads to anger. Anger leads to confusion, embarrassment and a threat to the ego–leading to deception and other acts of taking that soon escalate beyond control. This is like the game of dominos or a house of cards.