Pete’s Experience

Pete Cameron’s Experience with Purposeful Leadership

Grandpa had written, “Discover and understand all aspects of the brook in your own life. Your material life is governed by actions, values and desires, just as your spiritual life is nourished by the spark, resonance and flow. They all interact within the mind, determining the nature and course of the journey. Then, if you pursue life purposefully, incorporating these aspects in every thought and action, you will achieve both success and fulfillment. Nothing occurs by accident. Everything has a purpose and flows with it. It is up to the traveler to recognize this.”

Pete was amazed at how much Grandpa had conveyed in so few words, describing the anatomy of action, “The Framework for Purposeful Action dissects action into twelve steps that occur in three phases: Forming the Mission for Action, Performing the Action and Reinforcing the Action. I will explain this framework using the metaphor of the archer during a hunt.

The first phase expresses the desire to hunt, the spotting of the target and the aiming of the arrow. This phase has three steps.

Introspection is the search for resonance, to discover the dream that represents a future state to which one aspires . One reaches inside the mind to find the vision for action. Enlightened Leadership starts with this first step. Actions of the Karam Yogi start here as well.

Extrospection, is the second step, where one looks outside to reconcile the vision with the environment. You perform a reality check to see where you are with respect to where you want to go, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what threats and opportunities you expect to find on your way. Entrepreneurship starts with this step.

When the vision is reconciled with reality, a mission is formed. One then makes a Commitment to this mission in the third step. Management starts with this step.

This completes Phase I of Purposeful Action. Life’s significant actions require courage and determination to advance from Phase I to Phase II. That is to say, it takes courage for the archer to stretch the bow and release the arrow at the target.

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