Purposeful Wisdom

Purposeful Wisdom – Preface from Prem Chopra’s new book on Practical Wisdom from the Ages

First, let me tell you what this book does by telling you what it does not do. It does not provide even a fraction of the wisdom of the world, but rather, it provides wisdom from the world—a mere drop from the endless ocean of wisdom. However, even a drop, if absorbed and applied with purpose, can change lives. The words of the ancient sages are rich with wisdom and can lead anyone to the shores of this ocean.

I started to develop these concepts more than two decades ago while teaching leadership and management at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. And I realized, to understand leadership, students needed to learn the purpose and meaning of the action, as well as a firm philosophy on life. I could not find a book that did the job; so I wrote one, collecting wisdom on life from all over the world.

Many times in life we wish we had known earlier what we learn later from our experiences. This book is all about learning from the experiences of others and applying their wisdom in your own life. This does not mean that readers will automatically learn by reading the lessons, but they may learn through projecting the philosophy into their own life.

The book presents these tiny droplets of wisdom assembled in the form of a brook. They offer you a way to improve the flow of your life. I hope it will help you find the way to the ocean where you may drink it up to your heart’s content, satisfying your spirit and calling to mind the divine resonance it truly seeks.

Prem Chopra

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