Bundle of Desires

Third Secret: You are a Bundle of Desires

Four Levels of Desire influence your thoughts and guide your actions. They are stirred by the currents in the waters and transmitted to your mind through your senses. Your growth towards fulfillment is determined by the desires that drive your actions and form your values. The key to the purpose and meaning of life is found in desires.

The secret of the four levels of desire is derived from the Vedic concepts of Kaam (lust and survival) Aarth (wealth and respect), Dharam (service and duty) and Moksh (detachment and freedom).

The first two levels of desire promote taking, leading to a life of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The second two foster giving and pave the way for a life of happiness, fulfillment and ultimately freedom from all bonds of desire. This concept forms the core of the teachings of Buddha.