What Causes Unhappiness?

vmtConsider this statement from a participant in a Brook of Life Retreat: “I do not know of anyone who consciously seeks unhappiness, yet we act in ways that bring unhappiness upon ourselves!”

Here’s what attendees of a Brook Twilight Seminar “7 Secrets for Happiness,” said about the causes of unhappiness (these are just a few examples):

Being lied to, Bad haircuts, Bad Interstate Drivers, Being Yelled at, Being Sick, Feeling of Failure, Discomfort, Being stressed out, Illness in the family, When things don’t go your lotus_cropped(my) way, Allowing myself to hold on to the burdens of family and friends, Allowing myself to push my wants for me before my real wants, Loss, Angry people, Greed, Loneliness, Fear, Conflict, Strife, Arguments, Rude People, People who are jealous and make fun of others, Pain, Sickness, Bad people, Mean people, Failing at something, Letting down friends and family, Letting down myself-not living up to expectations, Arguments with loved ones, Stressful days at work–being overworked, Procrastination, Feeling helpless, Being lost, Bad grades, Fighting children, Too little sleep, Too busy, Ex Husband, Mean people, Kids when they don’t want to be happy, Negative thinking, External pressure, Financial insecurity…

What are your views on the premise on this post (above)? Please post your comments to share your views, on the causes of unhappiness and happiness, with your fellow travelers.

In a future Purposeful Action Blog post we will list how these persons responded to the question: “What brings happiness to your life?”

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