Is Outsourcing Unethical?

outsourcing-itWith today’s economy, the confidence and trust in our business and government leaders have Americans putting their money under their mattresses. The “microwave-generation” mentality has Washington scrambling, putting pressure on companies to find ways to increase their profitability to appease shareholders, as power-hungry politicians manipulate to keep their jobs in the next term.

The outsourcing of cheap labor to foreign countries is one example of the strategies employed by U. S. companies seeking to survive or to increase profits. In particular these days in the outsourcing of customer service departments and manufacturing. Not that outsourcing is solely a product of an unhealthy economy.Even during times when the economy is booming, cheap labor has been used, supposedly out of greed or the need to fill jobs that Americans are unwilling perform.

Do you believe it is ethical for U. S. companies to outsource cheap labor to foreign countries, while unemployment is at 9.4% nationally and rising? In addition, do you believe such practices will shoe up customer confidence? Is this an issue of nationalism versus globalism? What are the implications of “free trade” on this issue?

[Unemployment percentage resources from The Bureau of Labor Statistics]

This post was prepared by James Scott.

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