Meditation: What’s the Point?

lotus_croppedEvery soul has an innate desire to be united with the source of all being and, through this desire, to set itself free from all bonds and lower levels of desires that prevent it from achieving its highest potential. This also is referred to as a state of resonance, when the subject and object vibrate in unison. This is why chanting is used in some forms of meditation.

Here are some ways in which meditation can change your life:

  • become more at home with yourself and in the universe
  • be able to concentrate and work more effectively at your tasks
  • see where you are and determine where you wish to go more clearly
  • become less insecure, and less anxious and hostile
  • build better relationships

Read how Ann discovers the beauty of meditation in The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler: Revealing the 7 Secrets for Happiness and learn how you can start meditating immediately by devoting just three minutes a day for this life-changing experience.

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