Were McCain, Clinton and Obama driven by goals or vision?

The starting premise for this post is that actions of purposeful servant leaders should be driven by vision (the first step in the Framework for Purposeful Action) and not by expectations of achieving goals (step 4) or of results (step 10 – where the arrow lands) or rewards (step 12).
In Volume 1, Issue 13 of the Brook of Life News, August 13, 2002 (some things do not change…) the following thoughts on vision and goals were published:
“I set goals but am not driven by them,” said the young woman.
“That makes no sense,” said the mature businessman.  “Why set goals if you do not pursue them?”
“Goals are just milestones to evaluate the progress of your mission–towards your vision?” She replied.
“So, why are you not driven by your goals?” the man persisted.
“Because, I am driven by a commitment to my mission–which is to achieve my vision.  If I were driven by goals, I would be tempted to manipulate in order to achieve them. This is the root cause of unethical actions we see today in politics and business.” She replied, with passion.
“You sound so idealistic.”  He said with a knowing smile.
“I am practical,” She responded, “This is purposeful action.”
When you apply this young woman’s thinking to the actions of McCain, Clinton and Obama during the course of the recently ended election season, does some pattern emerge?

What can you learn about these three politicians by playing the BrookMaster Leadership Game, emulating each of them in turn?
Some issues and promises by Candidates:
  1. Subsidies for runaway gas prices
  2. Taxing exorbitant profits of oil companies
  3. Graduated income tax relief
  4. The financial bailout of Wall Street firms
  5. Personal attack ads
  6. Interjection of Joe the Plumber
  7. Wardrobe-gate
  8. Campaign financing
  9. Interjecting gender and race
  10. Interjecting fear and experience. or lack thereof
  11. Environment versus energy independence
  12. Defense, war and diplomacy
  13. Universal healthcare versus insurance subsidies
  14. Immigration
  15. Education
  16. Jobs


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