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‘Purposeful Action’ is a practical philosophy of life you can learn and apply to improve your life and career with Four Principles. These principles are expressed through a metaphorical journey in the brook of life following four secrets:

Click on the boats to discover the four secrets of the Brook.
Just as the brook is the flow of water, life is the flow of actions. Without the flow of water, there is no brook. Without the flow of actions, there is no life.

The Brook has helped to improve lives and careers around the world. Our commitment is to spread the way of the Brook, helping one person at a time. This website and the associated blog aim to do just that. Take what you want from the brook and apply it to your life. Step into the water and enjoy the journey.

Sincerely, Prem Chopra

For more on Purposeful Action and how you can apply it to improve  the quality of your career and life, visit the purposeful action website at: www.purposefulaction.com

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