Three Steps to Financial Freedom

Principle of the Golden Goose:

The Real Taj Mahal
The Real Taj Mahal

The Principle of the Golden Goose has been taught for over two decades in finance classes for engineering students. Many have applied this principle and accumulated wealth beyond their imagination. You too can start building your wealth today and achieve financial independence – in threee simple steps:

Step 1: Create flow—of money. Work purposefully and consistently, earning a fair reward. Be persistent.
Step 2: Let the flow work for you—grow your ‘golden goose’ by paying yourself regularly and investing the money wisely – if you can, save at least as much as you pay in taxes. Be disciplined. Save diligently.
Step 3: Go with the flow, don’t dip into it and do not eat the goose. Be patient.

Can you apply the Principle of the Golden Goose to your life over the next 25 to 30 years and figure out how much wealth you can accumulate?

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