Are politicians leaders or entrepreneurs?

Here is a systematic way to find out:


Consider any two prominent politicians – say, one from the US Congress and one from the US Senate – perhaps one Republican and one Democrat. Compare what the say they stand for with what they actually vote for and promote. Investigate how they were first elected and then re-elected, the money they collected and spent to get elected, where it came from, and how those donors fared. Consider the lobbyists with whom the politicians associate and what money exchanges occur. Examine the committees they work on and what comes out of those committees, and who benefits. Compare their assets before they were elected with what they accumulate over the years, over and above what their salary would suggest.

Play the BrookMaster Leadership Coaching Game, emulating the choices you believe each of these politicians would make. Which of the six archetypes (leader, entrepreneur, manager, consultant, trustee and intellectual) do you expect them to be? What would you expect their ethical balance to be in terms of their Giver/Taker ratio? Compare what you expect with the results you actually obtain from BrookMaster.

Now, go ahead and play !

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