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prem-bam-listening-face-for-web-cover-381This blog is about helping you understand and improve the quality of your life and career, using the four principles of purposeful action.

These four principles, founded on ancient eastern wisdom, provide a powerful and effective path to self-understanding and growth.  The foundations of purposeful action are presented in a series of books and lectures by Prem Chopra.  Visit the purposeful action website and video channel.

Use this blog to connect and share your views and experiences with other purposeful navigators of the brook of life.  Step into the brook and start your journey!

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Dr. Chopra’s attitude is radiant and contagious! His teachings have made me reflect upon my character and face some of the demons I struggle with. My wife has told me she has seen me transform into a better husband and father. I contribute my success to Dr. Chopra’s philosophy and teachings on purposeful action. I now consciously weigh my actions before taking them. I would like to thank Prem Chopra for the ‘kaizen’continuous improvement – in the quality of my life. Brent Bettis, Project Manager, United States Air Force.

Excerpt from Leadership Seminar to American Society of Engineering
Management National Meeting in Chattanooga, November, 2008


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