Jewels – Part 24

Preamble to Part 24 — The Concluding Eight Verses of the Jewels of Contentment

Meditation on the Supreme Creator whose Naam reigns Supreme, and singing the praises of the Supreme Creator, one realizes the Supreme, says Nanak.

A Summary of the Eight Verses of Part 24

Follow the guidance of the Supreme Teacher, and behold the Creator within. Abandon the waves of desires and arrogance. Seek the company of the pious. Fill your stores with the wealth of the Name. Attain eternal bliss in the company of the pious. Follow the all-powerful and priceless words of true saints. Meditate and sing the praises of the Creator with true devotion. Read and act upon the guidance in this divine Sukhmani, and attain eternal bliss and all the treasures of the Name described therein.