Managers guide and direct action to achieve a mission, using a plan and strategy aimed at meeting defined goals. Managers aim to improve productivity and efficiency, working with and through others to achieve their goals.

The manager archetype stresses plans, goals and strategy in Phase II of purposeful action, focusing on the efficient performance of action. Effective managers emphasize continuous improvement, using Phase III as well. Leaders, entrepreneurs and managers share commitment to create change, but position and power cannot transform a manager into a leader.

Managers know how to get things done effectively. Leaders know what should be done and how to get people to follow them. Entrepreneurs come up with what need to be done and take the risks to do it, and managers make it happen.

The attributes of managers in various aspects of action and in different circumstances are provided, along with extensive case studies of individuals leaders as well as organizations in the new book, “Purposeful Action: A New Framework for Leadership.”

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