Excerpt from Masters of the Game

“Masters of the Game: Beyond the Nexus to Success and Fulfillment,”Prem Chopra, 2009.From the The Nexus Revealed:

One cannot lead effectively without purpose – the underlying motivation or reason for action. This leads to the fundamental question: who are we, the perpetuators of action? How does who we are, or who we believe ourselves to be, determine which actions we choose to perform and which we choose not to? What determines the actions we allow ourselves to be subjected to by others and by the environment?

Answers were revealed as a nexus of body, mind, and spirit – the confluence of purposeful action. By body I mean your physical self, including your brain, a simple analogy to which is the central processing unit of a computer, and the material surroundings or environment, including nature, people and organizations, which we experience and interact with using our five senses. Mind is the individual conscience that directs our actions, a close, though limited analogy being the software that enables and guides. Spirit is the most complex component of the nexus of purposeful action, and thus is most challenging to explain, especially in the context of a guide to action that leads to success and fulfillment. Spirit is the collective or supreme unconscious, known to some as the Creative Force, or God. Its presence in our lives is realized through a “sixth sense” we all possess. This is the part of the nexus that connects us to others and the entire environment.

In so far as life is the flow of action, and action involves the nexus of body, mind, and spirit, in this book we use the terms nexus of action and nexus of life interchangeably. I have illustrated the nexus of action in an earlier book, “The Voice, the Mind, and the Traveler.” The degree to which we experience and invoke the spiritual element of our self determines what we are and the level of fulfillment we achieve.

You experience your nexus every moment of your life, in every action, even if you do not realize it. This experience comes in many forms, including actions, values, and desires, and flow, resonance, and spark, resulting in success, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

To find fulfillment beyond satisfaction and success, you must live in all three parts of your nexus. If any one of the parts is ignored, the action is in peril. As you read this book, you will discover your own nexus by observing the interplay of body, mind, and spirit in the journey of self-understanding and fulfillment undertaken by Pete Cameron, the narrative’s protagonist. You will be able to relate to your own life the intertwining of Pete’s actions in pursuit of success and satisfaction as an entrepreneur, while carrying a deeper yearning for self-realization and fulfillment in life.