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Volume 1, Issue 15, November 18, 2002
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What is higher than Truth?

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Navigation Log: What is higher than Truth?
Currents: Communication is Sharing!
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Navigation Log: What is higher than Truth?

First, a conversation about Truth:
(In a subsequent issue: Truth–what’s in it for me?)

“I thought you said that Truth is the highest virtue.” She spoke anxiously as they strolled on the
narrow path along the river.

“Yes.” The teacher replied.

“But now you add that higher still is Truthful Living.” She pressed with growing anxiety.

The teacher smiled.

“So, which is it? What does this mean?” The student asked, bracing for the surge of thoughts
she anticipated.

“Truth is the central concept in all faiths.” Said the teacher.

“I understand that.“ She chimed in. Then, with unconcealed pride that did not escape the teacher,
she continued. “Christ said The Truth shall set you free. Did you not say freedom is the ultimate
human desire—even after happiness? Did Aristotle not say that happiness is the ultimate good?”

“Very good.” The teacher smiled, slowing his thoughts, wondering whether to go with the surge
she had created. He decided to remain focused on Truth for the moment.

Again, she interrupted the steady flow in his mind, forcing it to embrace the tornados racing through
hers. “What happens if one forsakes Truth and embraces falsehood?”

“Without Truth there is nothing lasting to hold on to—like a straw in the rapids.” The teacher
responded, understanding the state of her mind and resisting the diversion it represented.

“I do not understand.” She burst out; then realized in embarrassment that his lips were opening.

“Pardon me.” She whispered.

The teacher smiled and continued. “In the Sikhs’ Jewels of Contentment we are told that body, wealth
and family—all are false. One can understand this to mean that body, wealth and family are transient
and ephemeral—they disappear in time and thus are not true in eternity like the Universal Creative
Force or Sat Naam.” He paused as they continued to walk.

“I understand.” She said, breaking the silence with her excitement. Then she added, “St Augustine
meant just that when he wrote all is false except Thee my Lord, so attachment to anything but Thee
is fruitless.”

With total awareness of the stream of thoughts they now shared, the teacher decided to add to the flow.

“The search for Truth is the search for Universal Knowledge. When The Buddha meditated in search of
enlightenment—he discovered Truth. He found the True meaning of life—its pain and suffering and the
way to gain release from it. Some call this Nirvana. Others call it Freedom, Salvation orMoksh.

“The search for Truth leads to Freedom—just as Christ taught.

“Thus, detachment from all that is false and love of Truth leads to Freedom—which we all seek.”

They arrived at the spot where their cars were parked. His voice rose ever so slightly in response to the
rhythmic crunching of the gravel underfoot.

“So, what about Truthful Living?” She asked, as they approached his car.

She noticed how well the color of his faded blue jeans blended with the paint on the old car.

“How is Truthful Living higher than Truth?” She asked, as his hand rose in farewell.

“Dwell on the Truth. You will discover the answer. More when we next meet.” He eased into the car
and slowly pulled away.

“You mean, meditate on Truth!” She whispered to herself with a knowing smile as she waved.

Currents: Communication is Sharing!

“What do you mean when you say communication is sharing?” The student asked.

The teacher replied. “The giver listens, then shares with the receiver who listens and questions—thus
teaching the giver who is open to listening and learning, thus becoming the receiver. This is purposeful
communication. This is sharing.”

“So, communication is giving and taking?” The student asked.

“There is no taking in purposeful communication—just giving and receiving. Giving thoughtfully and
receiving gratefully, that is.”

Is this what is meant by “Child is the father of man?” The student asked.

“The parent learns by listening, observing and responding to questions and needs, helping the child grow
to become a sharing parent.”

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