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Navigation Log: Meditation — What’s the Point?

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Navigation Log: Meditation – What’s the Point?
At a recent talk a psychologist from Birmingham, who uses meditation as a stress-reliever for her clients, asked, “How do you deal with individuals who are turned-off by the term meditation?”

The simple answer is to replace the term meditation with mental relaxation, to slow the random flow of thoughts and allow the mind to do its real job of guiding you through the mazes of life. Use examples of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan and Mother Teresa, as people who regularly used this form of relaxation. Prayer is a special form of meditation. Then, with those who pause to listen, you can share additional information–on deeper meditation.

Every soul has an innate desire to be united with the source of all being and, through this desire, to set itself free from all bonds (and desires) that prevent it from achieving its highest potential. This also is referred to as a state of resonance, when the subject and object vibrate in unison. This is why chanting is used in some forms of meditation. Some people use psychotropic drugs to achieve the sense of release from stress and peace that we all seek. Meditation can accomplish this without any external chemical substances.

Union with the Supreme Creative Force is the ultimate purpose of meditation—the essence of mental yoga or Gyan yoga. To reach this state of union, and the freedom from material bonds that the union provides, can take years of practice under the guidance of an enlightened teacher. Many embark on the journey, but few complete it.

However, you can benefit immediately by simple meditation—and start adding happiness to your life today. Simple does not however mean easy. To obtain the benefits of becoming more at home with yourself and in the universe, being able to concentrate and work more effectively at your tasks, to see where you are and determine where you wish to go more clearly, to become less insecure and less anxious and less hostile, and to build better relationships with others, you will need to meditate diligently over a period of time.

There is no end point to arrive at through such meditation. Rather, the continuous practice of simple meditation will result in continuous improvement in the quality of all aspects of your life and will bring you increasing happiness.

You can start today, with a simple routine of Three Minutes of Meditation.

For more on how meditation can lead you to a life of happiness, read Prem Chopra’s new book, The Voice, The Mind and the Traveler,
Everything flows and changes all the time. There is never an end to change! Accept the current’s change and flow, and know when to row hard and when to sit back and relax. This takes practice. Fighting the current can be a fool’s errand, but having the courage to change the choppy water is the way to handle life with wisdom and grace (p. 95), The Voice, The Mind and the Traveler,
Currents: Communication is Sharing

Why is this newsletter being resumed? Here are some reasons you have provided:

· It helped me, and if it helps just one person then it is worthwhile for others.

· I am getting practical information, which I have actually used to improve my life.

· It makes me happy–I look forward to it.

· Because it is interesting, but sometimes too long–so I save it to read later.

· Because you have something to share and you should do so.

· It’s good for making people think about things they otherwise might not.

· Because it causes you to think deeply and believe that anything is possible.

· I enjoy the blend of deep thoughts and humor–making it more like life.

· When it did not come for a few weeks I really missed it–wondering, has my name been removed?

· So many individuals could benefit from this newsletter and the brook of life site.

You decide for yourself. Starting with 60 names for Issue 1, readership increased to 1,239 in ten months by December 2002. Now, after a pause of five years, we are resuming Brook of Life News with a subscriber list of 2,218. If you like it, please spread the word.

Ripples: Spirit on a Human Journey

Asked, at a Brook seminar, why he thought he was a spirit on a human journey and not a human on a spiritual journey, the young man replied. “If I had said I am a human on a spiritual journey you would think I’m high on drugs!”

Your Views: Humor from Our Readers

My mother saw this sign outside a secondhand shop in London: “We exchange anything–bicycles, washing machines, etc. Why not bring your husband along and get a wonderful bargain?”
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