Karin Glendenning

This is Your Life!

By Karin Glendenning, Book Editor, Chattanooga Times Free Press
By Prem Chopra, Hanrow Press, 133 pages

Local educator Dr. Prem Chopra teaches management, leadership, entrepreneurship and ethics at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. A public speaker, corporate executive and businessman, Dr. Chopra is also the founder of a software company and frequently lectures on leadership and ethics. Recently, he published a book that details his philosophy of how to live a meaningful life.

The very accessible book uses many metaphors to explain that life is a journey and that the journey, if accomplished with a thoughtful purposefulness, can be fulfilling.

Dr Chopra said that he wrote the book to provide others with answers he wishes he had known when he was younger.

‘The Purpose and Meaning of Life’ provides a humane view of life and how to improve the quality of life. It teaches in a simple way by providing a framework for action that can be understood easily and applied readily. The book shows how actions shape life. Readers learn how they may change their lives by managing thoughts, desires and actions. Lessons from the book can be applied to leadership, entrepreneur- ship, management or any other specialized activity, once purposeful action is understood.

Dr. Chopra weaves themes from many religions and cultures into his philosophy, making it an amalgam that incorporates knowledge and insight from diverse faiths and beliefs. Some concepts that the book explores include: “Love is central to the purpose of life.”

“Purposeful actions are driven from the inside and are indifferent to the fruits produced.”

“The greatest wealth and beauty in life lies within.”

“The quest for the meaning of life begins after shedding attachment to possessions.”

“Fulfillment is success in attaining what you desire and in being satisfied with what you attain. Satisfaction extinguishes desire. This, in turn, leads to fulfillment.”

“There are many paths – each is only as good as the one who travels upon it. They all lead to the same place – the forever land without sorrow that none can describe.”

“The core values that promote purposeful actions are integrity, commitment, persistence, teamwork and communication. They foster trust, encourage initiative and confidence, promote sharing, contribute to personal growth and lead to success and satisfaction in business and life.”

“A common purpose trans- forms adversaries into team mates.”

The book, organized into chapters, can be read in a short time. Full of profound wisdom and memorable passages, it begs to be dipped into again and again as its message intensifies upon rereading. It is available at local book stores and BrookofLife.com.

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