Purposeful Action

Purposeful Action

Purposeful Action captures our attention on the journey in the waters at the point where the philosophy of the Brook concludes that life is action. We start with the hypothesis that to achieve happiness, success and fulfillment, while avoiding pain and suffering, we must “act with a purpose” which directs us towards the achievement of these goals. Having stated this hypothesis, which at first appears obvious, the second book of The Trilogy undertakes the task of examining action in some detail.

Our first task is to examine and characterize the various types or forms of action with a view to selecting and focusing on the one type most relevant to our purpose (i.e. the achievement of universal human goals). The type of action selected for a “purposeful” journey is referred to simply as “purposeful action.” We subseqently set our minds on just this type of action.

Purposeful Action may be viewed, in the most generalized way, as consisting of three phases:

Phase I Forming a Mission for Action

Phase II Performing the Action

Phase III Reviewing and Renewing the Action

Metaphorically speaking, Purposeful Action provides the raft, or boat, for navigating the waters of the Brook. The construct of this raft is in the form of “12 Steps of Purposeful Action” which provide the framework and the propulsion system for the raft.