Navigating the Whitewaters

Navigating the Whitewaters

Having developed a picture, and hopefully an understanding, of the river of life and with a sturdy raft under our feet, we soon realize that the waters in which we navigate are in a constant state of change. That is to say, “change is constant.”

During much of our journey, we must navigate through unknown waters and in uncertain and unpredictable conditions. Furthermore, the islands of land, representing our goals, are distant and often clouded in a mist. As our journey unfolds, we realize that many obstacles lie before us. Our situation as travelers in the Brook may be related to that of the adventurer who is Navigating the Whitewaters for the first time.

The third book of The Trilogy, named after this dilemma or adventure of life, presents guidelines for navigating the unknown and uncertain waters of the Brook. These guidelines are derived from the philosophy of the Brook and are presented as tales of travelers pursuing purposeful as well as purposeless actions in the Brook.

We realize, from the philosophy of the Brook, that we can tap into the waters of universal and ageless wisdom simply by searching within ourselves. In other words, we can find, within our inner self, the knowledge to control and navigate our raft. However, we often find it necessary to seek the help of others. From time to time, many of us find it helpful to review our purpose and our progress. We then are in a postion to take steps to renew our journey – thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving what we seek. Examples from the journeys of our fellow travelers, real as well as imagined, give us further insight into our own journey.

Some travelers have a perceived or real need to rely upon a “compass” or a “map” for guidance during their journey. For such travelers, a software game – BrookMaster – has been designed to accompany the guidance in Navigating the Whitewaters.

Essays excerpted from The Trilogy, as well as the entire Brookmaster game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!