5th Question

5. How do I find my way?

Plan your journey and take the first step.

Keep your plan clear and simple. Let it show the way to specific goals you can measure and assess. Each goal should serve a purpose–moving you closer to achieving your mission. Take one step at a time, continuing on the path to which you have committed. Make faith, hope, will and courage your companions. Enjoy each step. Get help from friends, family, teachers and other faithful travelers. Let mentors help you find the right currents for your journey and guide you through difficulties. Collect data, information, knowledge and wisdom on the way and learn to differentiate between them. Everything flows and changes. Create your flow and go with it.

Pete learns about the journey of life in the chapters titled, Ashes, The Manuscript, Resonance and Experiencing Joe Sages. Then he plans his journey and pursues his mission in the chapters titled A Game in the Waters, The Deal, The Flight of the Arrow and The Arrow Lands.