Dealing With Divisions

Dealing with Diversions

To continue with this line of thought, in most journeys of consequencewe will face obstacles. Even as we strive towards our goals in accordance with our plans, we can not be assured that there will be no diversions. Diversions may appear in the form of distractions for the mind that result in a clouding of purpose or mission, thereby causing us to question our commitment to the journey.

There are many sources from which obstacles and diversions stem. They may be caused by events within our own life and by our own actions. They may be forced by events resulting from the actions of others. Some diversions in our journey may be caused by actions in our environment. In addition, diversions may be caused by any of several simultaneously operating and complex sets of events caused by any number of combinations of these and other causes.

The voice of experience tells us that we cannot altogether eliminate diversions. Exceptions to this may be found in journeys that are short and simple, and for which the goals are trivial. However, we cannot expect to pursue any significant journey without obstacles, distractions and perhaps some diversions. We can, however, take precautions to reduce the number of obstacles and to mitigate their “negative” impact upon our actions and our lives.

Sometimes, diversions may be avoided by following strictly the path of prior successful journeys. This assumes that the prior journeys were completed by individuals like ourselves and that their experiences have been recorded carefully for our benefit. In assumes, further, that any number of preconditions for the applicability of these recorded journeys to our planned journey are satisfied. For most journeys of consequence, there generally is no prior history that is totally applicable to any subsequent journey. For, everything changes.

Each individual is unique, with a unique set of circumstance which comprise the “life conditions” for that individual. Furthermore, as we will see in later discussions in The Brook, our world is dynamic, like the flowing stream. The waters, once they flow past you, do not return to the same part of the flow.

Over the ages much has been learned about the dynamics of life, as about the flow of the river. This knowledge can be useful to those who choose to acquire it as they navigate through their individual brooks. For, even if we cannot predict each change in the course of our brook, we can develop a better understanding of the waters in which we navigate. We can learn how to deal more effectively with the dynamics of life.

My own journey has been punctuated with a variety and abundance of obstacles, intermingled with surging tides and rapids, separated by periods of serene and harmonic flow. During the more turbulent of these times, as I came across obstacles, I thought about some of the questions that I have listed and sought the meaning and purpose of life. I now realize that I should have been contemplating these matters during the periods of harmonic flow as well. For, that is when our mind can function most creatively, by reaching deep within our self.

During periods of turbulence, even as I attempted to set goals and to develop and pursue plans to get to the goals, questions continued to rise to the forefront of my mind. There were numerous diversions, obstacles, unexpected difficulties and setbacks. Some of these questions, and the answers that came forth, are discussed in various parts of The Trilogy.

In my journey, I received a great deal of helpalong the way. Most of us, with few exceptions, find many sources of help along the way. However, in order to obtain it we first must desire it. We must then be willing to look for it. Finally, we must be willing to accept it.

Acceptance of help from others generally paves the way for giving!

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Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!