Preface: About the Book

Preface: About the Book

What is the meaning of success and fulfillment? What do I really want? Such questions have been asked and answered over the ages.

Pete Cameron, the protagonist in this unique story of personal development, obtains knowledge and wisdom as he searches for answers. Through writings of his grandfather and conversations with a living teacher, he learns to view human beings as bundles of desires and life as a flow of actions. He is pragmatic and his desire for the tangible is satisfied within a framework of purposeful action that incorporates the ancient wisdom that intrigues him with sound management principles that he can apply. He learns of the interplay between action, values anddesires.

In an easy flowing narrative, with stories and vignettes, the book takes readers on a journey through the life and mind of a designer of Internet software. This journey spans ages of wisdom on the one hand and simple actions in a contemporary life on the other. During his quest, Pete discovers the path of duty–the way of the Karam Yogi–that ultimately leads to freedom, or Moksh.

Serendipitous connections between people in his life teach him that the flow of wisdom is a form of immortality and life is an endless sea of events, with interspersed islands of joy and sorrow–constantly changing. The challenge lies is in navigating these waters–always keeping Your purpose in mind. He learns to recognize flow, resonance and the spark we all possess.

The premise of this book is that the principles and values that govern personal and professional life are the same. The narrative accomplishes its purpose in a simple way–through a thought-provoking and humane account of life, business and the business world.

Readers accompany Pete on his journey of learning and growth, up to and through the moment of his final challenge. Traveling into the depths of his mind, they experience the flow of his thoughts as he catches glimpses of the spark–feeling the resonance it creates. They observe how Pete learns and applies action, values anddesires using the Framework of Purposeful Action in the Brook.

Pete pauses to reflect upon lessons learned. Readers find these summarized in each chapter of this story of a quest for the purpose and meaning of life.

From this story, and the learning that follows, the author hopes others may know!