The Purpose and Meaning of Life

What readers are saying?

“Prem Chopra has written in an amazingly simple way a profound book that can help anyone improve their understanding of the meaning of life and its purpose. He shows through stories and vignettes how to find purpose in life and pursue it in a systematic way–regardless of whether the journey is material or spiritual. I believe that our world would be a better place if we learn and practice the lessons demonstrated in this book through the life of Pete Cameron. I strongly recommend The Purpose and Meaning of Life to anyone in government, industry and private life.” Jim Hall, Former Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC,

“Fascinating book, brilliantly conceived and written. Thought-provoking, enduring gems of wisdom woven through stories and experiences. A book that will inspire readers to examine themselves more closely and search for life’s deeper meaning.” Ronald G. Area, Ph.D., President & CEO, Oklahoma State University, OK

“Dr. Prem Chopra offers a thoughtful and entertaining look at daily experiences that influence our individual perspectives on life. His ability to weave a collection of philosophy through the eyes of characters that readers can identify with gives this book a unique charm. Anyone interested in closely exploring the meaning of the journey through life will find Dr. Chopra’s work to be quite valuable.” Patrick Quinn, Chairman and CEO, US Express., TN

“In a narrative that could be ripped from the pages of any American life, Prem Chopra offers a lasting lesson in how to live life purposefully.” Usha Lee McFarling, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA.

“Anyone planning for change, beginning something new, or just attempting to gain insight into his own life as seen through the lens of Eastern philosophy should put The Purpose and Meaning of Life on the top of their reading list.” Philip Grant, MD, Seattle, WA

“This book took me on an inward journey as I read and reflected upon the bigger picture of life… Our finite being is so intertwined with the infinite that we must take a road of discovery and purposeful action in order to make some sense of life…As I go through life, I will continue to consider life as a ‘brook’ and I will bring purpose to bear on more of my actions.” Francine Angel, Masters in Divinity, New York