What Will Brookmaster do for You?

What will BrookMaster do for You?

What will BrookMaster do for you?

If you simply want to play in the waters, BrookMaster invites you to jump in and play!

If you wish to sip the waters while you take a quick trip, then you may do so. Be forewarned,however, because:

little knowledge is a dangerous thing – drink deep, drink not from the poisonous spring!

If you wish to surf the Brook, then by all means,do so to your heart’s content and collect all the vicarious experiences that you can, by experiencing life in the Brook.

You can expand your mind and learn from the Brook in addition to learning from your actions in life. However, be forewarned that you miss a great deal as you rush through the Brook, just as you miss much by rushing through life!

If you wish to drink deep from the waters of the Brook, BrookMaster will be most pleased. For it is by drinking deep and fully, that you learn most about life through the Brook. You may drink deep in many ways, but it will require patience and persistence. Here are some of the ways you can use BrookMaster to drink deep from the Brook:

Essays extracted from The Trilogy, as well the entire Brookmaster Game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!