Rules of Game

Rules of the Game

Rules of the BrookMaster Game

Answer all questions.
Answer all questions truthfully.
Answer all questions only after you have thought through each question and each possible answer.
Answer all questions as you would to your inner mind, when contemplating an action that is important to you in life.
Select the one answer to each question that best represents your mind set.
If you regret selecting any answer may cange it, provided you have not “executed” your action. For, if you change your mind after “the arrow leaves the bow” as in life’s actions, you then have to play a new ball-game.
If you give BrookMaster your name and appropriate registration information, BrookMaster will maintain a record of your journeys and experiences in the Brook!
If you wish to recall BrookMaster’s responses to your earlier travels, you may ask BrookMaster to present them to you, provided that you are a registered Brook Navigator.

Essays excerpted from The Trilogy, as well the entire Brookmaster Game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!