About Brookmaster

About BrookMaster

A word about BrookMaster:

BrookMaster is a mind game – played in the metaphoric Brook. You will be invited to reach into your mind to travel at depths that you seldom have explored in relation to your day-to-day-activities.

BrookMaster will guide you through the waters of the ever-changing Brook, with simple questions which provide insights to your approach to action in various contexts of your life in the Brook.

From your answers to these questions, BrookMaster will determine your propensity to be, or to act as, one of the six major archetypes of the Brook: Leader, Entrepreneur, Manager, Trustee, Intellectual, or Consultant. BrookMaster also will determine your propensity to be a Giver, Taker or a Navigator of the Brook.

Pages in this segment of the site provide definitions of some special Brook terms used in the game. BrookMaster recommends the you read The Brook for further information about Brook matters or, rather, about matters of life expressed through the metphoric Brook!

Essays extracted from The Trilogy, as well as the entire Brookmaster game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!