Preface: Why was this Book Written?
1. Introduction: The Purpose for Action
2. The Framework for Purposeful Action: Leadership with Ethics
3. Ashes: Learning that Everything Flows and Changes
4. The Manuscript: The Twelve Steps of Purposeful Action
5. Resonance: On Introspection–The First Step in Leadership
6. The Rise of the Phoenix: From Chaos to Purpose
7. Experiencing Joe Sages: Life as the Flow of Actions
8. More Than Body: Motivation for Action
9. Skydiving without a Parachute: Greed, Risk and Ethics
10. The Path of Duty: Karam Yogi–The Yogi of Action
11. A Game in the Waters: Negotiating for Others
12. Travelers in the Waters: Six Archetypes in the Business World
13. The Deal: On Commitment to Action
14. The Flight of the Arrow: On Performing Action
15. The Arrow Lands: On Assessment and Evaluation
16. The Reward: On Sharing and Continuous Improvement
17. Conclusion: Mountains of Knowledge, Plateaus of Wisdom
Index: Key Terms and Concepts of Action, Leadership and Ethics
Appendix I: Outline for a two Semester-length Courses in Sixty Units
Appendix II: Comparison of the Framework for Purposeful Action with the Criteria for Performance Excellence
Appendix III: Twelve Steps of Purposeful Action for Senior Engineering Design
Appendix IV: Application of Purposeful Action to Business and Financial Planning