Leadership and Ethics In Action

What Readers are Saying?

“Prem Chopra describes, perhaps for the first time in such clear and comprehensible words, a Purposeful Leader as a person who brings about change to help others in an enduring way. In Leadership and Ethics in Action, he goes further and demonstrates the intricate balance between the conflicting forces intertwined with the thoughts and actions we contemplate-whether or not we pursue them. The chapters on the Framework for Purposeful Action and Travelers in the Waters could well make this book the de rigueur for practical management training in organizations looking for success and fulfillment for all stakeholders.

On the heels of his exceptional book–The Purpose and Meaning of Life–Prem Chopra has come up with another inspiring winner in Leadership Students of management as well as managers at all levels in government and corporate organizations should place this book on top of their reading lists.” Jim Hall, Former Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC.

“Chopra demystifies leadership and ethics. For most of us, leadership is a confusing concept Chopra makes it clear. Similarly, ethics are ambiguous because they are relative with respect to time and culture Chopra makes them lucid and universal.

He accomplishes this first by dissecting action with the precision and finality of an accomplished surgeon. He then presents the results in a simple way that is easy to understand and apply. Another important contribution of the author is the integration of ethics into the fabric of action. Finally, he shows, by examples, a simple way to learn and apply principles of leadership and ethics in everyday life.

For those who like to follow systematic frameworks, Chopra provides one, explaining it with simple metaphors and a contemporary life devoid of the trappings of the deep philosophy upon which it is based.” Surjeet Malhan, PhD, Dean Emeritus, Baroda and Delhi Universities, India