The Trilogy Emerges

The Trilogy Emerges

To summarize, the journey through the metaphorical Brook is a journey deep inside the mind. At the same time, it is a simple story of the journey of most individuals and organizations. While navigating the waters, at times we may appear to surf over the waters. However, as in life, before we realize it, we will be deep into the recesses of the Brook, returning again to the surface waters, before we dive in once more. And this goes on, as in life.

Stated in the simplest terms, the objective, or purpose, of the Trilogy is to provide to individuals and organizations a simple and systematic framework or process for action that will lead them to success and fulfillment. This framework is founded upon a practical philosophy of life which is expressed through the metaphor of the ever flowing Brook

With the waters of the Brook representing life in its broadest sense, the boat for navigating the waters is provided by a framework of Purposeful Action. The compass, maps and guidance systems for navigating the boat to success and fulfillment are provided in the third book of the Trilogy, Navigating the Whitewaters. This is accomplished with the help of examples from the actions and lives of individuals as well as organizations, both real and fictional.

The logical way to experience the Brook is to read the Trilogy in the sequence in which it is presented. However, those who prefer to immediately swim, surf, or even ski, upon the surface of the waters, may proceed directly to the second book, Purposeful Action. To benefit most from the third book, Navigating the Whitewaters, the readers are advised to first read Purposeful Action. The reader may dive into the depths of the Brook, with the help of the first book of the Trilogy, at any time.

Finally, those travelers who wish to take a quick sip or to play briefly in the waters of the Brook, may immediately access the BrookMaster game.

Essays excerpted from The Trilogy, as well the entire Brookmaster game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!