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Dear Friends:

By popular request, we have built a YouTube video channel on Purposeful Action.

The purpose of the Purposeful Action video channel is to offer readily accessible short (1 to 3 min.) episodes with nuggets of practical self-help tips you can apply immediately to improve your life and career. You can easily download an episode to your cellphone, iphone or e-mail and immediately share with anyone you believe will benefit.

The channel also features a series of videos for those who seek a deeper understanding of life and how purposeful action can help improve lives and careers. These videos are featured under the purposeful wisdom label.

New episodes, illustrated with stories and examples from real life, are posted regularly – so we invite you to subscribe (free) today. Step into the channel and join the flow!


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Purposeful Action


Excerpt from Leadership Seminar to American Society of Engineering
Management National Meeting in Chattanooga, November, 2008

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